Rosie's Computer Help Limited

Rosie's Computer Help Limited offers understandable, experienced, on-site help for individuals and small businesses to use computers more effectively.

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Are you protected against viruses, spyware and trojans? How would your business cope if your computers were unavailable? Wasting time because you don't have the right information or know how best to use computers to support your business?
Let Rosie's Computer Help save you time and money by working out what you need and showing you how to use it most effectively.

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Worried about viruses and other nasties? Wondering how to search the web, store and improve your digital photos or email friends and relatives? Concerned about what your children might be doing on the computer and wishing you knew more about it? Perhaps you'd like to set up your own web site?
Let Rosie's Computer Help teach you what you'd like to know.

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Why would you choose Rosie's Computer Help Limited?

  • We focus on the business or person, not the computers: We show you how to achieve what you want to do, without unnecessary technical detail.
  • Clear, understandable advice: We explain things clearly and understandably, irrespective of your level of computing experience - so you get working with your computers more effectively more quickly.
  • Convenience: We come to you – so you have the help where you need it, when you need it.
  • Unbiased: Rosie's Computer Help Limited does not sell any products, nor take a commission from any vendor or contractor - so you know we're giving impartial advice.
  • Experience: Rosie has been in the IT industry for 20 years, working both with individuals and businesses of all sizes. She understands both business and computer issues, and can offer a depth and breadth of advice which is difficult to find elsewhere.