Rosie's Computer Help Limited

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Rosie's Computer Help Limited offers general advice and guidance covering all aspects of using computers more effectively. However, we also offer specific services as requested by clients, including:

  • Viruses and other nasties: We advise you on how to protect your systems against viruses, spyware, trojans and other malware. We can also remove such nasties, and restore your systems to working order.
  • System Healthcheck: We assess the computer systems against key criteria and produce a prioritised report suggesting actions needed in short, medium and long term, which the business can use as the basis for an IT Strategy.
  • Buying Advice: We offer unbiased, experienced advice on what to look for when selecting new equipment based on the business needs, and recommend suitable products if appropriate.
  • Installation Services: We install and configure software and hardware, setting up the system in the most useful way based on the client's agreed needs.
  • Focused Training: We provide personalised training and advice on specific computing topics as requested by clients.
  • Ongoing Support and Problem Solving: We provide advice and guidance on the ongoing use of the systems. This could include training, problem diagnosis, virus removal, re-configuration of hardware and software as well as strategic advice and guidance.
  • Project Management: We manage projects to develop and implement new computing environments on behalf of the client.