Rosie's Computer Help Limited

What do our clients say about Rosie's Computer Help?

The Kaikoura Coast Track Rosie has been supporting The Kaikoura Coast Track for over 5 years. During that time, Rosie has helped with all aspects of our use of computers. Amongst other things she has provided a program to track bookings and provide reports, designed advertisements, advised us on internet and networking issues, fixed our computers when they've gone wrong, installed & set up programs, shown us how to do all sorts of things on the computer that we could never have done without her and always been available to answer our questions by phone or email.
Sally Rosie is always at the end of the phone or email. She understands the problem as I describe it in my words and can help me fix it, talking to me in plain English.
Susie I was impressed by the friendly service and your ability to get rid of my viruses without compromising all my programs and data. And you explain things so clearly.
Heather I know our business is financially more successful because Rosie has made it possible for me to confidently make use of all the advantages of computers. She really helps me to understand and I can carry on by myself knowing I have got the best set up for my situation.